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Why We're Creating BMX Mom Shirts

Krista Conway

Posted on August 23 2017

So you're wondering about BMX Mom's and how we became a thing... right?

You and me both, sister. 

You see, I am a photographer, marketing guru and designer in between being the mom of four and wife to a busy lineman. For the last three years I have been mostly retired - that tends to happen when you think you're done with kiddos and start over when you have 9, 8 and 6 year olds. 

But something happened that made me end up here, making apparel for moms like us. I suppose this is where I tell you how I started making hoodies and t-shirts for BMX Moms. 

It started in July 2013. If we were completely 100% honest, it was more like January of 2013 - and it wasn't BMX. 

We come from a family of quad harescrambles, truck pulls and camping at races to watch people get covered in mud before the race the next day. Almost everyone in our family has a shoulder bone sticking out or plates in their wrists, my husband included. 

So, in January of 2013, we took our then 6 year old to his first harescramble. If you don't know what that is - the short description is a hour+ long race on motorized equipment through the woods, up the hills, through the mud and water of just about any rural property in the Appalachian mountains. 

Anyway, we went to our first race on a 20 degree day in January of 2013 and decided it was to much fun. By the end of the year our boy was 7 and the state champion for his age group. We were also packing up our entire lives to move 2500 miles across the country for my husband's work. 

For the last four years we've been searching for something here in California that we could do to replace that fun family time. We've bought dirt bikes, made tracks at our ranch in the mountains. You name it, we've probably tried it. 

Officially our BMX story didn't start until 2017. Yes, THIS 2017. 

My husband had tried to get me to take the boys to the local BMX track for years, but we didn't really know how to find out what was going on with the schedule. (I know, I know.) 

Then, one day in May I came across an Event on fb at the local track. We buried to get the kids packed up and over to watch the races. In just two hours we'd gone from not having a clue about BMX (um... still... very little clue) to trying to find bikes for sale. 

And that's where BMX Mom's began. 

By the 1st of June we were racing.

By the 20th of August our kids were sitting at 10th and 17th, respectively. 

And this weekend we're racing our first CA state final. 

Okay, so that doesn't really tell you a whole lot about why I started making apparel. 

Honestly, I started making it because I didn't see a whole lot out there and I have a bad habit of being Mr. Bigwell. 

So, in late July I started working on designing some box mom shirts, hoodies and gifts that I could share with 


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