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BMX Moms

BMX Mom's Flip Flops



Nothing like kicking back at the track with your BMX Mom ensemble, complete with matching flip flops. 

Imagine where these shoes will take you? I am 99% sure they are a good luck charm and your kiddo will podium on the top if you wear these to the race.  

• EVA outsole
• Waterproof and Lightweight. Durable and non-toxic. Comfortable and Anti-slip.
• Suitable for shower, swimming, soft to wear and wash.
• Please check the size of your feet before purchase for great fit your foots.


Every item created here is made when you order. YOUR ORDER MAY ARRIVE IN SEPARATE BATCHES in order to expedite your shipping. PLEASE ALLOW up to 5 days for us to print your items and another 5 to 7 for your items to arrive once they have been shipped. 


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Small: Men's 7 - 9.88x3.75 inch

Medium: Men's 9.5 - 10.5x4.25 inch

Large: Men's 13.5 - 10.88x4 inch