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Apply Decal

Thank you for purchasing a BMX Mom® decal. 

Below you'll find detailed instructions on the best way to apply your decal for long-life on your vehicle window. 

1. Wash your car window with windex or similar product. 

2. Wait for it to thoroughly dry.

3. Use your license or other sturdy object to smooth out your decal. The idea is to get the actual sticker to adhere to the clear coating on top. 

4. Place the decal in the position you'd like it on your car window. You'll have ONE chance, so take it slow. 

5. Use the same object you used before and now smooth the sticker part of the decal out over the window. The goal now is to get the sticker to adhere to the window more strongly than it is stuck to the clear. 

6. Remove clear tape slowly. If any of the decal starts to come off with the clear, push it back down and continue rubbing. I like to use a driver's license or card.